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Community College of Philadelphia has a close call on student shooter

On Monday Oct. 5, the students in the greater Philadelphia metropolis were on edge after a message appeared on a message board, stating that there would be an attack on the Community College of Philadelphia. While Monday went without incident, on Tuesday Oct. 6, a man was arrested for pulling a gun on a student on the main campus of the Community College of Philadelphia.

This comes in the midst of grieving over the attack on Umpqua Community College in Oregon that left ten students dead and many others injured. The assailant, identified as Christopher Harper-Mercer, similarly wrote a message on social media warning about his attack.

It was reported that the attacker pointed the gun at a student following an argument outside the main building to the school. Police were on scene for nearly three and a half hours, from around 9:30am to around noon. The attacker was then apprehended by police, but was found unarmed. The school was then closed for the rest of the day forĀ further investigation, with plans to resume schedule on Wednesday. The school was previously locked down last May, after a different student flashed a weapon after a dispute with another student.

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