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Daily Archives: October 17, 2017


      Iraqi children gather around as U.S. Army Pfc. Shane Bordonado patrols the streets of Al Asiriyah, Iraq, on Aug. 4, 2008.  Bordonado is assigned to 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division.  DoD photo by Spc. Daniel Herrera, U.S. Army.  (Released)

Trump is sending more troops in Afghanistan

In light of recent events, President Trump has revealed to the public a new strategy on the War On Terror: increasing our numbers in Afghanistan. Ultimately, the increase in numbers would provide a more certain approach to our strategies, and focus more on directly obliterating


It’s comeback season for Miley Cyrus

The words “nobody’s perfect,” is what Hannah Montana preached to millions of fans on Disney Channel for four successful years. Miley Cyrus, starring in the show at the young age of fourteen, instantly became every young girl’s icon. At the end of the hit series,


The history of Hip Hop is coming to the Bronx

Appreciation for the world of hip hop is going right back down to where it all started; The Universal Hip Hop Museum is set to open up in the Bronx in 2022. The museum will be built as part of a massive construction project that

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