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Russia reaches decision to block LinkedIn

By: Anna Yesilevskiy In 2014, as a response to the protests that were organized with the help of social media, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin created a law that required social networks with Russian users to store six months of data within the country’s borders. LinkedIn,


Meet the power duo of Nicaragua

By: Anna Yesilevskiy Rosario Murillo ran for vice president of Nicaragua and her running mate was her husband, Daniel Ortega who is the current president of Nicaragua. Murillo has an academic background in English and French and in the 1970s, she published poetry and worked


Lady Gaga addresses campus sexual assault in new video

Lady Gaga’s new song, “Till it happens to you,” which she co-wrote with Diane Warren for an upcoming documentary called “The Hunting Ground,” debuted a few weeks ago. The music video for “Till it happens to you” depicts the realities of occurrences of sexual assault

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