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“Sabrina the Teenage Witch” is making a return

You may want to sit down. You may want to remind yourself, that it’s only television, and it doesn’t matter; but, as we know, it does matter. Before The CW began airing the Archie-comics-turned-melodramatic-teen-horror-series, Riverdale, this year, fans of the original comic were displeased. Even

Beyonce and The Dixie Chicks perform "Daddy Lessons" and "Long Time Gone" at “The 50th Annual CMA Awards,” live Wednesday, Nov. 2 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville and broadcast on the ABC Television Network.

Pop music does the two-step

Musical artists making genre switches is not something new- Katy Perry, the once Christian church singer debuted a pop career with “I Kissed a Girl,” Kanye West went from intense rap to synthed-up music on “The Life of Pablo,” and Taylor Swift has gone from a successful country career to a bubbly pop persona to a darker, sharper side of the pop spectrum as of

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