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Jordan Peele and Spike Lee are making a KKK movie

Get Out. Malcolm X. What do the two groundbreaking films have in common? The minds behind them, Jordan Peele and Spike Lee, continue to push the boundaries of “safe” cinema, and have successfully increased the recognition of racial injustice through their films. Lee and Peele


The October music you NEED to know

WOLF PARADE:  CRY CRY CRY At last, Canadian Indie Rock band Wolf Parade returns with their first album in 7 years. The band took a leave of absence after their last album, leaving fans to cling on to hopes of a quick return. 7 years


All of The Upcoming Book To Movie Adaptations Worth Seeing

“Murder on the Orient Express” Best-selling author Agatha Christie’s novel sees itself transformed onto the big screens once again in November, in the film directed by Kenneth Branagh. A luxurious train ride through Europe turns the lives of thirteen passengers upside down, when a man

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