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Keeping skin smooth in the summer

Dear July, your heightened heat indexes and increased exposure to the sun has pushed my level of desire to stay inside and watch Netflix all day through the roof, and this is wreaking havoc on my skin. Quit it. – Sincerely, Me If you could


SVA unveils renovated space

The University’s chapter of the Student Veterans of America christened its new space on Friday, April 21, celebrating the accomplishments of its members and the future of the program. The office on the ninth floor of 41 Park Row was once just ten feet square,


Pace keeps networking event strictly Profashional

On Friday, April 7, the Pace Profashionals held their third annual event, Dress For Success. Held at Studio 450 in Midtown, the venue was crawling with University students looking quite pro-fashional. It was open to all University students, regardless of whether they were in the

Starbucks Spring 2017 cups

Starbucks’ Coffee Cup Controversy

According to the new Starbucks cups that were launched on March 20, spring has sprung. Starbucks has been making seasonal cups for more than 20 years honoring winter, summer, and autumn cups, but never spring. The inaugural limited edition spring cups come in three different

pace lib

Dozing off in One Pace Plaza

Welcome back, Pace Setters! Now that spring break has ended, the time for midterms has arrived. During this week, students from around campus will be reading, writing, and of course procrastinating and naturally will end up having to cram for their classes. As a result,