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Trump’s New Plan To Cut Arts Funding

Last week, President Trump announced his first proposed budget plan for 2018. With that budget, comes a substantial amount of cuts, and perhaps none more controversial than his plan to completely eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts. Although the annual budget for this independent


First Family delays White House move

Donald Trump became our official president earlier this year in January and shortly after, moved into the White House to begin his duties in office. Our first lady, Melania Trump, and first son, Barron Trump (age 10), however, have decided to reside in New York


Trump removes Obama’s policies on transgender rights

To very little public surprise, the Trump administration has rolled back protections for transgender students, even after the president made a promise to stand by the LGBTQ community in his RNC acceptance speech this July. At the RNC, Trump boldly stated that as president, “[he]


DeVos gets schooled

President-elect Donald Trump has been busy since Election Day preparing his cabinet for the move to the White House. These past few weeks, his team has been undergoing confirmation hearings where Democratic and Republican Senators from the appropriate committees pose questions to the cabinet members

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