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“It Comes at Night” will keep you up all night

It’s not until after watching Trey Edward Schultz’s newest film that you realize its genius. “It Comes at Night” is a dark, shadowy story of two families living in the same house in a post-apocalyptic world. But it is no “Hunger Games” or “Mad Max”;

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University students go the extra mile

The stories of upcoming entrepreneurs are always one to be applauded and marveled at. At the University, our school’s adage is “Opportunitas”, suggesting that all students from all walks of life can come to the University and be afforded the opportunity to a better life. Three


Pace presents Disabilities in Film Festival

On Thursday March 23, the Fifth Annual Disabilities in Film Festival took place at the University. Presented by the Dean for Students and the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, the film marathon was held to celebrate and empower those with developmental and


No Go “Power Rangers”!

It was about a matter of time before the Power Rangers became one of the last nostalgic money cows to milk in an age where media seems to be derivative of its former impactful properties and icons. Saturday morning cartoons, such as “Transformers”, “G.I. Joe”,

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What’s the story with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging application, launched Status on Feb. 20 as a new addition to their app. Less than a month later, after facing backlash from their users, WhatsApp released another update. The Status feature replaced a text-based update component that was widely used on

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