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University’s Courtyard renovations displace smokers

The university courtyard has long been a hot spot for students and faculty who need a place to smoke on university grounds. The courtyard is a convenient location for students coming from the library, cafeteria, and classes. Renovations to the courtyard are currently in the

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Tracing the history of Spring Break to its 1930’s roots

With spring break approaching, students are mentally checking out of their classes and daydreaming about their upcoming vacation. While many are going back home to see family and friends, many University students are packing their bags and heading for a trip they will never forget

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Making healthier choices while living in the dorms

For many college students, living on campus seems like the perfect idea – no parents, no rules and an abundance amount of independence. With this new found freedom new challenges arise. According to, many college freshmen are bound to gain approximately 15 pounds during their

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