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SVA unveils renovated space

The University’s chapter of the Student Veterans of America christened its new space on Friday, April 21, celebrating the accomplishments of its members and the future of the program. The office on the ninth floor of 41 Park Row was once just ten feet square,

Front of One Pace Plaza

Master Plan: Classroom disruptions

In Dec. 2015, the University retained the services of an architecture firm called FXFOWLE to begin drafting plans for substantial renovations.Those drafts were developed into a master plan that took into account the needs of students and faculty, particularly the need for new student spaces.

41 Park Row Lower Level Lounge Open to First Floor

Master Plan: 41 Park Row

Over the next year, 41 Park Row will be changing its look to accommodate more students into its space and give a face to the University’s art gallery. The building, which is the former New York Times building, will be getting most of its renovations within

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