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Obama holds final press conference as president

In his last time facing the White House press corps, President Barack Obama addressed his final policy decisions and his hopes for the country under Donald Trump’s administration and beyond. Echoing sentiments from his farewell address, he emphasized the importance of the free press in


John Kerry responds to UN resolution on Israeli settlements

In a speech given this morning, Secretary of State John Kerry rebuked the accusation that the United States crafted the United Nations Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements. The controversial resolution is one of the toughest passed during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, demanding that Israel “immediately


Voter app #NeverTrump shakes up the 2016 election

This year’s election can be summarized into four categories: egregious comments, scandals, tax returns, and emails. The spotlight has only been shown on the “politically correct” Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton’s perfectly tailored pantsuits; however, there are still third party voters and nominees hidden in


Congrats, World, carbon levels are at an all-time high

In future generations, the month “September 2016” is going to mean something. When New York City is underwater, it is going to mean something. When the polar caps are gone, it is going to mean something.  When extinction rates are at an all-time high, it is going

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